Consulting Services

Consulting Services

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VALUING THE DESIGN-BUILD CONTRACTOR - Your design-build contractor does for you what an independent consultant will not or can not.  A design-build contractor achieves superior results and lowers your long-tem costs by 10% to 20%

FRAMING THE VALUE PROPOSITION - Many organizations have a continuous flow of both strategic projects and routine daily requirements.  They retain the staff needed to sustain the in-house organization and infrastructure.  Engaging outside services is common prudent practice, contractors and consultants are common resources.  Some organizations reason that mediating contractors through another consultant will yield objectivity, sharp scrutiny, and loyalty.  The thought is often that contractors are a commodity, but a consultant is a reliable source of support.

True, many contactors are build only.  They deal in material and labor as a commodity.  They require persistent oversight and scrutiny.  Alternatively, if an organization engages a d design-build contractor, a higher expectation is set that removes the need for an independent consultant, lowers costs, and positions your planning for optimal results over the time horizon. 

DESIGN BUILD DOES NOT MEAN A MORE EXPENSIVE TOTOAL COST OF OWNERRSHIP - It means a or competence with the entire project scaled, complexity, and criticality.  It means having a full-service partner that does not need to extract a premium for each and every single task.  Design-build contractors are suited to the shape and flow of the requirements of organizations over time.  A design-build contractor is your trusted technical advisor; your architect-designer and you honest broker when it comes to planning your solution set from all of the best manufactures.  Finally, we are your installer and certification tester. 

FULL-SERVICE CONSULTING - For a variety of reasons an independent consultant may be desire; Complete Document Systems offers all consulting expertise as stand-alone services:  planning, budgeting, design/engineering, and as-built documentation with certified cabling test results.  We'll even include our hypothetical bid for comparative purposes.  

Each organization has internal strengths and outside business partners; working together to enable their achievements. Complete Document Systems eagerly emplaces any role:  deign-build consultant, or contractor.  We are committed to our customer's success - whatever it takes.