Communication Support Services

Communication Support Services

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IT'S INEVITALBE - At one time or another, all organizations will experience changes to their communications infrastructure.  Moves, add, and changes (MAC) to communications systems are a reality of business operations.

PROVEN EPERIENCE - Complete Document Systems has over 25 years of proven experience providing expert Communication Support Services for companies of all sizes.  Changes to your network will be completed quickly, while keeping your team focused on doing their jo.

TECHNICAL EXPERTS AVAILABLE - RCCD, Project Manager, Foreman, Fiber Specialist, Outside Plant Specialist, Lead Technician, Cabling Technician.

SOLUTIONS OFFERED - Complete Document Systems Communications Support Services includes a broad range of Moves, Adds, and Changes of cabling and related communications infrastructure.  

RISK -FREE - There is not risk to you.  Call us with you defined requirements, and we will give you an estimate over the phone.  Should we arrive on site and discover the work is more complex than initially determined, we will revise the price on the spot.  Should you decide against it, there is no cost for the site visit.

NEGOTIATED MAC CONTRACTS - MAC contracts are negotiated based upon each customer's circumstances.  We provide three response times:  4 Hours, 25 Hours and 72 Hours.